Bull 6400 / (Reg # 37362) Semen for Sale

The South Poll breed is a 4 way cross of (25% of each) Red Angus, Barzona, Hereford, and Senepol.  It was created by Teddy Gentry (of the Alabama country group fame) to thrive in a grass-fed program in hot, humid environments such as they have in Alabama  where Teddy lives.  We have found that this breed is perfect for our environment in East Texas and we purchased this bull directly from Teddy.  6400 is a Fullblood Registered South Poll bull.  He is a good-natured bull that throws low birth weight calves which gain readily on grass.  He is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add (or maintain) a grass-fed phenotype to their operation.  Price is $15/straw.  We have several hundred available.

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