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We are a small family owned/operated business.  We try to treat our customers with the respect and attention we would wish to receive ourselves.  Every great once in a while, if something doesn't go as planned, we try to fix it to the best of our abilities.

We want to you be 100% satisfied.  Your order is just how you want it.  If not, we will either remake your product or refund your money upon the return of the item(s).  If your order does require rework or a new pair, please return your item unworn and in a reasonable amount of time so that we may have a chance to either fix it or to fit it to someone else.  Please call us to discuss your individual circumstances prior to shipping the item back so that we can be aware of the issue and working on a resolution in addition to looking for your return package.

That being said, if we take an order where you have measured yourself (as opposed to us meeting you in person and taking your measurements) and we build to the measurements you provide us and the chaps or chinks don't fit exactly right when you receive them, there may be a nominal fee for us to adjust them to fit you.  We still want you to be happy, we still want your item to fit perfectly, but in such cases, we may need to cover some of our costs of adjusting your item.

We are a small family run business.  We have worked very hard to obtain and keep our customers.  We would be crazy to sell our customer list to anyone!  We do our best to provide our customers privacy and security in their financial transactions.

Our products are handmade and much of our business is custom.  Unless we have something in stock that will fit your order (a few adult chaps & chinks, but mostly children's chaps/chinks) your order could take anywhere from a week to several months to fill depending upon the order and our current booking schedule.  Please don't assume anything - either that we are months our or that we can ship tomorrow!  Feel free to call us regarding our current wait time and to discuss our current inventory. 

We do our best to accurately estimate shipping costs.  Should actual shipping costs be higher, we reserve the right to adjust your shipping to actual costs.  At the same time, if we feel that you paid too much in shipping, we will refund the excess shipping costs.  That's only fair.