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We specialize in chaps/chinks for children.  Ours are made from real chap leather - the same as our adult pairs.  We can fit children from about 5 or 6 months old through adults.  Our children's pairs are designed to grow with children.  For the younger children, we encourage you to buy them so that they are at a full chap length and then they grow into them as a chink (a chink is shorter than a full-length chap - the fringe starts just below the knee).  There is plenty of room in the leg and waist for the average child to grow with his or her pair.  Our children's pairs start at $51 for an x-small pair in a plain style (not including applicable taxes and shipping charges) and go on up depending upon size and how fancy they are.

We will try to describe the sizes to you.  Our description below is for an "average" sized child although in having our own child and seeing our friends children, we are starting to wonder what exactly that means!  Therefore, we can provide additional fitting information by phone or email should you need it.

Our x-small typically starts fitting about 5 or 6 months old and is the right length as a chap when the little cowboy or cowgirl starts walking.  One our our return customers brought us a picture of her child at the age of 3 wearing the x-small as a chink.

For children 18 months or 2 years old, they can start with a size small.  This will typically start out as a full length chap on these ages.

For children 3 or 4 years old, we typically recommend a size medium.  This will start out as a full length chap for these ages.

For children 5 years and older and up to 5 feet tall, we typically recommend a size large.  This will be a full length chap for a 5 year old and will be a short chink on a person 5 feet tall.

For children approaching 5 feet tall and teenagers, we recommend the adult size small or what we affectionately call a "Hank" after one of our cowboy friends.

Below you will find some examples of what we can make.  You are welcome to call us and see what we have in stock.

These chinks from right to left are size Hank, Hank, Child's Large, and Child's Medium.  They were made for a group of grandchildren.

This little cowpoke was 5 months old in his brand new pair of chaps/chinks.  Sitting and posing for pictures tuckered him out so he and his trusty dog took a little cowboy nap.

This is our trusty cowboy in the same pair of chaps when he is about 9 months old.  You can see that they are long, but the fringe flies out as he walks and doesn't trip him at all.  He is shown wearing a size x-small.

Here we are again at about 12 months old.  You can see that they still have a good amount of growth room to them.  This is the same pair of x-small chaps.  These are what we would call a "fancy" pair as they have tooled yokes and a concho.

This is a different pair, but still an x-small.  This pair has a square bottom instead of the typical round bottom.  The tops are tooled and they have a custom concho with his brand on it.  This pair was made to match his dad's pair of chinks.  Here he is 20 months old and you can see we still have a good amount of growth room left in this size.

This pair is made from hair-on hide with plain chap-leather tops and a concho.

This was a custom pair made for a little Texas Aggie gal.  It has tooled yokes, pinking and spotting under the yokes and leg panel.

This pair of chinks is a child's size large that was made with hair-on yokes and leg panels.  It was customized with the youth's initials.

This was a child's size small that was made with tooled yokes, a concho, a ring, and initials.

This pair was a child's x-small with tooled yokes, pinked and spotted fringe in a secondary color.  It also had a concho.  It sure makes for a punchy looking little cowboy or cowgirl!

Looking for bling?!?!?  We have it!  We can add real Swarovski crystals to your little cowgirl's chaps/chinks.  We have several different colors ranging from amber or clear to pink, turquoise, green, or purple.